“Welcome to SwimmingPoolBuild.com”

After my many years in the swimming pool industry I came to the conclusion that this information needed to be written. With all the talented and capable homeowners out in the world, there needed to be something to help them create their own backyard vacation destinations. Lets face it, there are a lot of talented craftsman out there that are perfectly capable of building their own pools, but just lack the guidance they need to do so. There are also the ones that are maybe a little less capable but will still take on the task of building their own swimming pools just because they are too stubborn to hire someone else to do it. This is where this site come in. I hope to share some of the “contractor secrets” that I have learned over the years to help ease the construction process and to help you avoid the pitfalls of costly mistakes. Customers should also use this information even if they are getting a pool built by a professional. This way you can see if the professional is doing the job correctly, or if they are skipping steps and doing shoddy work.


vinyl liner pool collage

There is not one way to build a vinyl liner swimming pool. Yes I said it! There is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to build a pool. I am going to show you the best way that I know to build a pool that is of good quality construction and a pool that is built as quickly as possible. The materials that I suggest are, in my opinion, the best for quality construction and cost effectiveness. The construction process may not be what another company does, yet it is the best process that I have utilized for many years to construct hundreds of swimming pool projects. I have made mistakes. I want to help you not make those mistakes and to build a wonderful swimming pool in your backyard that you will be able to use for years. Always use caution, follow the manufacturers instructions, state/city laws, building and electrical codes, and APSP Standards! Information provided here is only for entertainment purposes only. You are liable for any work done on your project and should always follow the laws and good construction practices.

We hope to inspires and guides you along the path to creating a backyard paradise. Please us common sense when using the directions in this book. The directions are just suggestions about how We do things and not rules on how to build your pool. As mentioned before, there are many ways to build a vinyl liner pool. We just shows you one way. Use this information with caution. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations, your local building and electrical codes, and APSP Standards! (apsp.org)